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On this page we have links to information about Public Access Defibrillation programs. Some sites offer information on AEDs, others will let you download additional information, while others will help you set up a PAD Program.

This site is dedicated to the implementation and expansion of Public Access Defibrillation. A very good starting point for investigating Automated Defibrillators or Public Access Defibrillation

This government web site outlines the need and implementation of a Public Access Defibrillation in the work place. Another good starting point for investigating AEDs and PAD programs from the perspective of the work place.

We don't often think of our kids sport area as a place where an emergency can happen, but they do. This web site looks at AEDs from a youth sports perspective.

This web site is maintained by the Pennsylvania Health Department. It offers some good insights into PAD Programs.

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