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Open Source Links

On this page you will find links dedicated to sites on Open Source Software (OSS). If you are not familiar with the idea of Open Source and Free software, please view these links to help you better understand this new way of producing and distributing software.

As this site grows, we plan on adding more links to sites we feel will be of use to you. If you think we should have a site listed here, please let us know, so that we can add a link to it.

This web site is host to a vast collection of open source software projects. SourceForgehas software for nearly every interest and operating system, all of it open source. These folks are the gracious host of the PAD Program Management System as well.

This site has a lot of information on the concept of open source, reviews of open source licenses, and some news on the latest happenings in the open source community.

The gnuWin site host software, articles and more. All of it is open source, and all designed for the Windows operating system. If you are tied to a Windows machine, this can be a great resource.

The OpenCD project is very similar to the gnuWin site. This site offers a complete open source CD. The software on the CD is made for Windows or Linux.

NewsForge is a web site that brings you the latest news in the open source community. Many good authors are here, and worth a daily read.

A web site that has not only news about the latest in open source, but articles, software and more.

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