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Not sure if the programs in the PAD Program Management System will meet your needs? Would you like more detailed information on how the programs work? How about taking a look at the documentation that comes with the programs! From here you can download the complete documentation on the programs, without having to download and install the program.

Files and Formats

The documentation listed here comes in several forms. It may be as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file, which is a 'read-only' file. Another format is the OpenOffice (sxw) document file. These files can be opened and modified using Sun's OpenOffice suite. You may also find files in plain text (txt) format, that can be opened on just about any type of word processor.

To open the documents inside your browser, simply click on the link. To download the file to your hard drive, right click on the link and select 'Save File As...' All of the documents contained here are released under the GNU Free Documentation License

PAD Program Manager

This set of documentation covers the program that is currently under development.

Item File Name File Size File Format
Data Dictionary Data Dictionary.sxw 13.1 KB OpenOffice

PAD Program Prototype

This set of documentation covers the prototype that was written in Access 2000.

Item File Name File Size File Format
User's Manual PAD User's Manual.pdf 1.53 MB Adobe Acrobat
User's Manual PAD User's Manual.sxw 882 KB OpenOffice

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