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Here you can find out the latest news on the activities and development progress of the PAD Program Management System

25 January 2005

Welcome to the new year. We ended last year with the initial alpha release of the PAD Program Manager, and we start this year with a web site rewrite and a sister project.

The web site rewrite was done to provide us with an easier way to update the site, and to have it match the sister project. This time we decided to stick with the KISS method. You should find that the site loads faster as well!

Our sister project is the eBook Writer. The program allows you to convert text documents into files that can be read by the Palm eBook reader. The program utilizes what is known as the Palm Markup Language to insert tags into the document in much the same way a web page is created. This was a project that we started two years ago, and decided to bring it back out, perhaps even finish it, but at least share it with everyone. The project is in its early stages on the SourceForge site, so only the source code is available in the CVS section. A release version should be coming soon.

What does a eBook authoring program have o do with emergency services? Well, visit the eBook Writer site and click on the History section to find out!

31 December 2004

The initial Alpha release of the PAD Program Manager. This release corresponds to the Milestone Schedule located on the Development site ( This is the basic framework of the program, and while much work has been accomplished, much more is still left to be done. We encourage you to download the program and play around with it, but we would recommend that you not use any data that is considered 'critical' as we are still early in the development cycle. Your input will help us improve the program, and make it a program that you will find useful.

To download the program, go the PAD Program Manager download page at You can also download other files related to the PAD Program Manager at

21 November 2004

In response to several requests, we have decided to make the original version of the Access 2000 prototype available. This package has been updated to allow for many different types of agencies to make use of the prototype. The package includes a User's Manual that describes all of the functions available in the program. The manual also includes the complete data dictionary for the prototype and ideas on how to modify and expand the original prototype to meet the needs of your agency.

We want to thank everyone who has expressed an interest in this project, and we hope to be able to bring further updates to the full version of the program in the near future.

It is important to note that this prototype only works under Access 2000 (and possibly later versions). If you do not have Microsoft Access installed, this prototype will not function.

The prototype can be downloaded at

24 July 2004

The first files have been uploaded into the SourceForge CVS system. We are not sure why the project web site does not show any files added or committed, but they are there. Look under "Browse CVS" to access the files. As you will be able to see if you download the files and play with them, we are early in the development phase, but things are looking pretty good so far.

We have also opted in to accept donations for the project. Any donations are put back into the project. We are also donating 25% of our donations to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and to our friends here at SourceForge. To make a donation visit

12 March 2004

Development has started on the PAD Program Manager, the first of two programs that make up the PAD Program Management Suite. The database itself is an improvement over the one used in the prototype developed in Access 2000. We are staying with Access 2000, at least at this point.

We have added some screen shots in the PAD Program Software section. This should give you an idea of what we are trying to accomplish, and how the program will look.

Look for additional screen shots as we make progress up to our initial alpha release.

2 March 2004

Welcome to the PAD Program Manager Web Site. The web site is now up and running. The goal of this web site is to help anyone institute a Public Access to Defibrillation program in their community. For those who are new to AEDs, we have information on what AEDs are and why they are important. If you are a community looking to start a PAD program, we have information to assist you. If you are an agency tasked with tracking PAD programs, we have the tools you will need to do it successfully.

As this site is new, not everything is ready to be posted. We are working on two software packages, and you can follow their development here and through the SourceForge web site. You can also sign up for news to be mailed to you about the project.

Look around, tell us what you like, and what you need. The information and software on this site are all open source, and we encourage you to take advantage of it.

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