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When we began to discuss the probability of developing and posting the PAD Program Manager software project, it became evident very early that we would also need to develop a software program for the individual facilities as well. This became the AED Project Manager.

25 January 2005

With the basic skeleton of the PAD Program Manager now complete, including the database design, we have started initial development on the AED Project Manager. The two programs will look very similar, are they are designed to work together.

The AED Project Manager will offer the user the ability to track multiple facilities (if you have several facilities that you are responsible for) as well as track the training and certifications of those who work with AED Project. Initial CVS feeds should be coming shortly, as well as the Database Definitions.

12 March 2004

The AED Project Manager is in the planning stages. It will be developed concurrently with the PAD Program Manger, as the two are designed to compliment each other. Utilizing the lessons learned from the Access 2000 prototype, along with input received from various individual PAD programs, we believe that we can develop and deliver a solution that will be beneficial to anyone trying to manage a PAD program at a facility.

We have set up forums so that discussions can occur concerning the software and how we can improve upon it. We also have a mailing list that can keep you updated on the progress of the software development and the updates to the web site. We want your input, and we invite you to drop us a line with your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

Both programs are being released under the GPL, allowing you to receive the source code and having the option to modify the program to meet your needs.

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