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Public Access to Defibrillation (PAD) is the latest in the line of tools developed to combat sudden death in a public setting. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are being installed in numerous buildings and public gathering areas. Sometimes these areas are privately owned, others may be governmental. All of this is being done to help combat sudden cardiac arrest and increase survival rates.

So How Do These Programs Help?

In many of the jurisdictions where these defibrillator programs are being created, local governments have legislated the need to track these programs. Often this task falls upon the shoulders of the local Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agency to track and monitor these programs. As is often the case, little or no funding is provided to assist these agencies in this task.

The PAD Program Manager (and its sister program, the AED Project Manager) is envisioned to help fill that need through the concept of Open Source Software. The PAD Program Manager would be used by the EMS agency to track the PAD programs in their jurisdiction. The AED Project Manager is intended to be used by individual facility AED Programs to record the maintenance and upkeep on their AED's as well as keep records on those individuals at the facility trained in the use of the AED, as well as CPR and other first aid programs.

What Will I Find Here?

On this site you can find information about "Automated External Defibrillators" and how they are helping to save lives every day. You can also learn about "Public Access to Defibrillation" programs. We have included some generic information that can assist you in getting a program started in your area.

You can also learn about the two software projects that are currently being developed to help you manage a PAD program either in a single facility or for an entire jurisdiction. Both programs are being made available via the GNU General Public License (GPL).

As this site grows, we intend to provide access to forums so that discussions can occur concerning the software and how we can improve upon it. We also have a mailing list that can keep you updated on the progress of the software development and the updates to the web site.

What is the OpenISES Project?

The OpenISES Project is the Open Information Systems for Emergency Services Project. It is a project designed to bring together the open source development community and the emergency services community, to provide open source software and training materials to the emergency service community.

Anything Else?

We invite you over to view our other open source project, the eBook Writer. While not a program you typically think of for emergency services, the history section on the web site will help make the connection clear.

If you find the program useful, or you simply wish to support the project, we do accept donations. Just click on the 'Support This Project' logo to make a donation. A portion of your donation will be sent to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Open Source Initiative, and These folks are helping to keep open source software available to everyone.

Lastly, we want to thank the folks at for agreeing to host this software project.

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